As you may have already figured out from other posts on this site I am blind. I have Retinitis Pigmentosa(RP), COATS disease, Glaucomea, Nystagmous and have had Caterax. I was not blind at birth. I wasn’t totally blind until about age twenty or twenty-one. Now however, I’m blind as a bat… well I do have a tiny bit of light perception but I can’t see a thing.

I receive a lot of questions in regards to my blindness practically daily. Everyone wants to know what it’s like, how I do things and other randome questions you would probably be amazed about. I decided to start a blog about blindness to answer all of their questions, inform and show that blindness isn’t the end of the worl and.

Blind people all over the world live happy, normal, productive lives every day. Sure there are insidences where things get complicated and generally a littly hairy but that’s true for anyone.

On the blog you will find articles on many things. Some are just funny lists such as 11 Worst Questions To Ask A Blind Person… Others are informative such as How To Give Directions To A Blind Person and others are to show that blind people can do anything they set their mind to such as Blind People Doing Big Things… Blind Hunter.

You will also notice that the blog does have a Facebook Fan Page as well as a You Tube Channel. I encourage you to like it on Facebook even if you are mainly a reader of Nicole Rae’s World. The You Tube channel as of now has only videos that pretain to Playing The Blind card. I hope to incorporate videos for Nicole Rae’s World soon as well. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to be updated when the new videos come out.

Side Note: The videos that pretain to Playing The Blind Card are audio only. This is mainly because the topic of the blog is of course blindness so I thought it would be an interesting twist to make blind videos. Once videos for Nicole Rae’s World get uploaded, they more than likely not be audio only.

I hope you decide to check out the site and deside to become a follower of it as well as this one. Either way thanks for visiting and I hope you have a good day.

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