The Longview Daily News has writeen a piece about me in there paper!

I’m really excited about this and hope you will all check it out and comment on the article.

There are two pictures of me and an article talking about my life, family and my other blog Playing The Blind Card. Once your on the article page you can click the comment link to leave your thoughts.

The more people who comment the better. Maybe it will convince The Daily News to give me a job.

Here are the links to The Daily News and to Playing The Blind Card… Oh and my You Tube Channel. PS… For now the videos on the You Tube channel mainly focus on my other blog but I hope to be uploading videos for this blog soon too! If you check out the link to the other blog and channel be sure to like it on Facebook and subscribe to the channel. You can also join that blog as well to be an official follower.