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Today has been a day of much editing.  Ugh, I hate editing!  I wish you could push a button and magically the entire word file was perfect.  Wouldn’t that be great?


I’ve gotten almost the entire story written except the ending.  I’m still tweaking that part so I decided to take a break and work on revisions. It’s going pretty good but it’s a grueling process.  The fact that my reading skills are based of of a screen reading program really doesn’t help.  A story presents it self much differently when read by an electronic monotone voice.  usually by the end of the process I’m pulling my hair out and wanting to yell at the voice inside my computer.  I think I should name him.  It would be much healthier cursing a name that it is an object.  Hmm… what should I call him?  If any one has any suggestions I’m up for them.


I’m also still trying to work out a title for the book.  It’s hard to pick something that is catchy but still pretains to the story.  I like how some books have just one word titles.  For example, in the House Of Night series the frst book is called Marked House Of Night.  I would like to turn my book into a series so I have to come up with the title and the series title. 


The other issue I’ve been having is trying to decide if I’d rather tell the story in first person.  The first version was in first but somewhere down the line I switched to third.  I like the idea of third because it’s just someone telling the story.  But on the other hand first person is more personal to a reader.  Hmm… decisions decisions…


I’ve also sourced out help with my editing.  I don’t have the money to hire someone so I just asked a trusted friend that I know wont hammer my story.  She has been giving me helpful tips and suggestions to make the story work better.  I think this book definitly has potential to be great.  Editing takes so much time but in the end I know it will be worth it. 


Next time I think I will be more efficient with editing.  I plan to edit more frequently throughout so I’m not so bogged down with it an the end.  My main piece of advice to other writers is to know when to take a break.  Once the letters, words and paragraphs start running together it’s time to stop.  Or, if you’re on the verge of throwing your only computer out the window… that would be a good stopping point as well just sayin.


For any of you reading this what are some of your editing practices?  Do you have a routine or set editing schedule?  Leave a comment with your thoughts.   


I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I had a love for story telling. As I got older it took form in poetry that I wrote by the tons.

I used to enter contest after contest. I even won a few and one of them got me published. Honestly, I have no idea in what. Saddly, I never bought the book.

As much as I loved poetry I started dipping my big toe in the land of fiction. For most of my life I wrote love stories and other young adult fiction. Now that I’m older I still am into the young adult world and all it has to offer an author with a big imagination.

Recently in the past few years I’ve found paranormal fiction. It is one of my most favorite genres to read and now to write is paranormal fiction. I can get lost in books like twilight for days without surfacing for days.

I also have enjoyed other series such as House Of Night, Morganville Vampires, City Of Bones and many many more that I’ll probably talk about at more length later.

I love to curl up with a pepsi in my comfy pants with a good book. When I could still see I would devour books like they were nothing. Now that I’m blind that really hasn’t changed much.

The story that I’m in the process of finishing now is one that I started over a year ago. I for whatever reason quit working on it and didn’t add a single word until about a week ago. It’s got a little bit different twist to it then Twilight or House Of Night.

It takes the prospective of vampire hunters… or slayers as many of them call themselves. It takes place in a small hole in the wall ficticious town called Lakeview.

Emily lives with her alcoholic abusive father. He’s been beligerent ever since her mother died. She works at a local book store. The owner of that store is a tyrant but his daughter his cool.

Her name is Lucy and she is Emily’s age. She shares in a lot of the same interests as Emily. There are only two differences between Lucy and emily. Lucy is blind and Emily suspects she might be psychic.

Other than that for the most part Emily’s life is relatively normal until new comers take up residence in Lakeview. They don’t exactly fit in. They keep to themselves aside from mind controling the humans into following them into their house. It’s not really their fault they just have a craving for plasma and their life depends on it.

Emily gets tangled up in all of this and that’s how she gets introduced to the slayers. Wierd things still start happening to Emily. She has powers too! She’s not quite like the typical slayer… or is she.

As if that wasn’t hard enough she meets these two amazing guys that are total opposites. One is head strong, arrogant and a total God. The other is hot too but more sarcastic, layed back and charming. She couldn’t get herself wrapped up in a relationship. There were plans that were already set in motion before this freak show of a life took over.

It’s a race against time to get the vamps out of Lakeview. Normally a clan takes a while to do their dirty work in a small town like this but they got a little ahead of themselves when the newest slayer decapitated one of their own.

I have a lot of other stories I’m working on and can’t wait to see where they all lead. Watch out worldNicole rae is here to stay!